Essential Resources


LionPATH is the system of record for students’ academic activity at the university. Advisers access LionPATH to see advising transcripts, academic requirement reports, and other records of academic activity.

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Starfish is the system of record for advising notes and early progress reporting history. Advisers use Starfish to record advising notes, filter for students who need outreach, and to manage advising appointments.

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Undergraduate Bulletin

The Undergraduate Bulletin is the comprehensive source for undergraduate academic information and program requirements. Advisers use the Bulletin to view program requirements, learning outcomes, and suggested academic plans.

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University Registrar

The University Registrar maintains academic records and enforces academic policy and procedures. Advisers regularly encounter the need for information about procedures for adding and dropping courses, withdrawal, leave of absence, and graduation.

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Other valuable resources

  • Abbreviations, acronyms, and codesA listing of common codes, abbreviations, acronyms, and other types of academic shorthand that students and advisers might encounter at Penn State, along with a brief explanation of each and links to relevant websites.
  • Advising Centers - Contact information for advising centers across all Penn State colleges and campuses.
  • Key contacts – Many academic procedures for undergraduate students require assistance from a dean or director. This list provides the appropriate dean's office representative for most undergraduate activities. 
  • Student Resources – Although students may find the resources on Advising at Penn State helpful, the website was developed for faculty and staff who advise at Penn State. The information on the Student Resources page is developed specifically for students, with the Bulletin still being the main student source for academic information.
  • University Advising Council (UAC) - The University Advising Council of Penn State was created by legislation of the University Faculty Senate. Chaired by the Vice President and Dean for Undergraduate Education, the council provides oversight of the University's academic advising program.