LionPATH - Course Scheduling Guide

1: Log in to LionPATH at:  
  • Select “Undergraduate Students”
  • Click “Log in to LionPATH Student Center”
    Login to LionPATH using either the Undergraduate Students link in the main menu or the Log in to LionPATH Student Center link in the Quick Links section.
2. On the Home page, complete any Holds and To Do List items.  

Make sure you have completed your Pre-Registration Activity Guide.

Image showing the To Do List and Holds sections highlighted at the top of the LionPATH screen.

3. Search for classes  

You can search for classes by navigating to the Class Search using the Quick Link on the Home page. There are three different ways to search for classes.

For all ways to search for classes:

  • Select the appropriate “Term”
  • Select your campus
  • Select the appropriate location based on your campus. Some classes are offered off-campus.
    Search for classes in LionPATh
Searching for a course by Subject 
  • Select the course under “Subject”
  • Add the course number in the box
  • Click “Search”
    Search for clases using the Subject field in the Search Criteria form in LionPATH
Searching for a course by Attribute (for searching for general education courses) 
  • Click the green arrow next to “Additional Search Criteria”
  • Select “General Education” for “Course Attribute”
  • Select the “Course Attribute Value” by choosing the General Education category. In this example Natural Sciences is selected for the “Course Attribute Value.”
    Search for clases using the Additional Search Criteria options in the Search Criteria form in LionPATH
Adding a course by Class Number  
  • In the text box, type in the 4 or 5 digit Class Number
  • Select “Enter”
    Search for classes using the Course Number entry on the form in LionPATH
4. View the class details.  

Click on the class to review the number of credits, meeting day/time/location, pre-requisite/co-requisite courses, course description, number of available seats, and waitlist availability.
View details about the class, sugh as meeting date and time, location, prerequisites, and more.

5. Adding a course to your shopping cart  
  • Once you have found your course through the search, choose “Select”
  • Click on the “Next” button for each of your courses to finish adding your classes to your “Shopping Cart”

Putting courses in your shopping cart will NOT reserve your seat.  Enroll in each course (step 6) as it is added to your shopping cart.
Add courses to your shopping cart

6. Enroll in a class  

There are two ways to enroll in a class.


  • If there is a green circle in the “Status” column for your courses, the courses you’ve selected are still “Open”
  • Click on the “Proceed to Step 2 of 3” button to process your enrollment
    LionPATH Shopping Cart showing green dots beside courses.



  • If there is a green circle in the “Status” column for your courses, the courses you’ve selected are still “Open”
  • Select the box next to the course
  • Select the "Validate" button to make sure you meet the prerequisites and enrollment criteria for your selected classes
  • Click on the “Enroll” button to process your enrollment
    LionPATH Shopping cart view with no green dots.

For option to add classes, you must click “Finish Enrolling”
Finish enrolling by clicking on the Finish Enrolling button.

7. Check your course(s)  
  • Review the results to verify you have successfully enrolled in the selected courses
  • Print a copy of your schedule
  • Check with an Academic Adviser to make sure the courses are on your schedule
    Check your courses using the view results page in LionPATH


  • If a course that you want is full, you can add it to your “Wait List” in LionPATH. The Wait List is like a line. When a seat opens up, students will automatically be added to the course in the order that they signed up for the Wait List.
  • Students should monitor the courses they add to their Wait List and remove courses they do not wish to keep on their Wait List. LionPATH will not notify you of a change to your schedule, so you will need to check your schedule regularly for updates.
  • LionPATH will never enroll you in a course that has a scheduling conflict. You will need to set up a “swap” if the course you are adding to your Wait List has a scheduling conflict with your previously enrolled course, or you will be skipped over.
  • Students are only allowed to enroll in up to 19.0 credits before the first day of classes. Students can “overload” their schedule with more than 19.0 credits during the first week of classes only.  If you are putting a course on your Wait List that would put you over 19 credits before the first week of classes, you will want to set up a “swap” to stay under 19.0 credits.
  • The Wait List will be available and run through the last day of the regular drop/add period, which is during the first week of classes.
  • For other questions about the Wait List, please see this link:
    The LionPATH waitlist shows allows you to put your name in line for a seat if the course is already filled.


You may use the swap feature in LionPATH to modify your schedule. Swapping a class provides a way for you to drop a class you are currently enrolled in and replace it with a new class. Since this process is done simultaneously, it is a way to keep your space in the enrolled class while trying to enroll in a different class.
The Course Swap feature in LionPATH allows you to swap classes on your schedule.

For a visual tutorial of how to swap a course, use this link: