Where do I find information about Penn State's response to the Coronavirus and return to campus?

See the Penn State Coronavirus FAQ page for ongoing information about the University's response and the Keep Learning site for information about Spring 2021 classes. 

Academic Information Quick Reference Guide

Listing of quick reference resources for Academic Advisers.
Topic Answer
Full-time Credit Load 12 or more credits; 12-19 credits is typical
Good Standing 2.0 Cumulative Grade-Point-Average
Warning Status Below 2.0 Cumulative Grade-Point-Average
Suspension Status Student in Warning but receives semester GPA below 2.0; suspension is for 2 semesters, counting summers
Dismissal After 2nd suspension, student achieves below a 2.0 for a semester
Financial Aid Student must complete 67% of registered courses
Drop/add Period Varies; check Academic Calendar
Late drop Varies; check Academic Calendar
When do students register? See Registration Timetable (based on # of credits completed & scheduled)
Scheduling Courses LionPATH; The Art of Schedule Planning
Taking Online Courses Web/Online Coursework
Placement Testing ALEKS placement testing for Math
Transfer Credits Transferring Credit Information, Including Search Tool
AP Credit https://admissions.psu.edu/academics/credit/ap/
CLEP Credit https://admissions.psu.edu/academics/credit/clep/
Course Repeat Policy Student limited to attempt any course a maximum of 3 times. Attempts are defined as earning a grade in a class or late-dropping the class. If a student withdraws from the University (Policy 56-30) these courses will not be counted as one of the three allowed attempts on given courses. A course in which a grade of C or better was obtained may only be repeated if written evidence of consultation is obtained from the student’s adviser. Grades for all courses repeated are factored into CGPA.
Withdrawal http://registrar.psu.edu/leaving_university/withdrawal.cfm
Final Exam Overload https://www.registrar.psu.edu/exams/exam_overload.cfm
Applying for Graduation https://tutorials.lionpath.psu.edu/public/Docs/ApplyGraduation.docx