Scheduling a course that is full

Options for students who are trying to schedule a course that is full

Course Wait Lists

In LionPATH, if a course is full and Wait List is available, a student can choose to be automatically added to the class if a seat opens. When searching for courses, uncheck Show Open Classes Only to see full sections, including those with Wait List availability. Not all courses have a Wait List.

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Note: Even if a student is on the Course Wait List, a seat is not guaranteed and the student should plan for alternatives. Ideally, students should schedule an alternative course, then Waitlist the desired course as a Swap.

Schedule a Good Alternative

Select an alternative class and Wait List the desired course as a Swap. Students should look for an appropriate alternative to the course that is full, schedule it, then in LionPATH request a swap with the waitlisted course. If the first choice becomes available, the alternative course will be swapped for the first choice course. If the first choice does not become available, students still have a complete and appropriate schedule.

Tutorial: Set up a course Swap

Keep Trying

In LionPATH, if a course is full and there is no waitlist, continue to use Search for Classes to monitor seat availability. It is possible for seats to be added to existing sections or for new sections to be created.

Tutorial: Course and Class Search

Look for Combined Section Classes

Combined Section Classes are offered by multiple departments. Combines sections are classes that are offered with more than one departmental abbreviation, and there may be a seat available in one of the differently named sections. Regardless of the abbreviation, it is the same course, and will meet all the same degree requirements. (For example, CAMS 5 and HIST 5 are the same course, and both meet degree requirements in the same way.)

The First Week of Classes: Students should TAKE ACTION

Many courses will have space available within the drop/add period. Students should ask permission of the instructor to sit in on the waitlisted class even if they can't add it at that point. That way, students will not miss content if they are successfully added later.

Students should pay close attention to their Wait Listed courses, as drop/add week is the likely time courses will be added.