Understand Your Score

ALEKS scores cannot be interpreted in the same way as exam grades. Scores of 30 or higher reflect adequate preparation for college-level math.

Course Placement Scores

You should select one of the courses below only if the course is appropriate for your degree program. If your degree does not require one of the courses listed below, you can meet your General Education requirement with other courses. Your academic adviser will help you select appropriate courses when you are building your schedule. For first-year students, this conversation will occur at New Student Orientation.

What courses might you take?
Minimum ALEKS score Courses you are permitted to take
0 MATH 003
14 MATH 004
30 MATH 021, STAT 200, STAT 240, STAT 250
46 MATH 022, MATH 026 with MATH 022
61 MATH 026 alone, MATH 040, MATH 041, MATH 110, CHEM 110*
76 MATH 140**

* If a chemistry course was taken in high school

** Includes all varieties of MATH 140

You will not be permitted to take a math course that is above your readiness level (even if you are only one point away). If you want to place into a higher-level course, you may use ALEKS learning modules to improve your skills and retake the assessment.

What courses might you take?

What courses might you take?
Focus of intended major Likely courses

Majors that focus on the sciences (e.g., biology, science education, chemistry), math, math education, or engineering

MATH 140 (Calculus with Analytic Geometry I)
CHEM 110 (Chemical Principles I)

Majors that focus on business (e.g., accounting, finance, marketing, economics) or information systems

MATH 110 (Techniques of Calculus)
STAT 200 (Statistics)

Majors that focus on communications (including advertising), social sciences (e.g., psychology, sociology, criminology), or childhood education

STAT 200 (Statistics)
Other appropriate General Education Quantification (GQ) courses selected with the help of your academic adviser

Majors that focus on the arts, humanities (e.g., history, philosophy, literature), or languages

You will likely not to need calculus or statistics, and will select General Education Quantification (GQ) courses appropriate for your intended major with assistance from your academic adviser