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Advising Awards

This page highlights some of the academic advising awards, both local and national, earned by Penn State advisers and advising programs.

Excellence in Advising Award

Established by the Undergraduate Student Government's Academic Assembly with support from the Office of Undergraduate Education, the Excellence in Advising Award recognizes advising excellence. Two categories serve to celebrate one faculty and one staff member who are outstanding academic advisers. All current, full-time employees with advising responsibilities and at least two years of University service are eligible. Selection criteria include general advising, academic guidance, career guidance, enthusiasm, and assistance in decision making.

Past winners (Note: Previous winners are not eligible to win a second time.)

National Academic Advising Association (NACADA) Awards and Recognition

  • Division of Undergraduate Studies, Advising Technology Innovation Award, 2016
  • Janet Schulenberg, Outstanding Contribution to Scholarship, Mid-Atlantic Region, 2016
  • Jane Emery, Advising Administrator Category - Certificate of Merit, Mid-Atlantic Region, 2016
  • Jamie McClintock Brenner, Advising Administrator Category - Certificate of Merit, 2015, Mid-Atlantic Region, 2015
  • Hilleary Himes, Contribution to Scholarship, 2015, Mid-Atlantic Region, 2015
  • Jeffrey Gugino, Outstanding Advising - Primary Role Category - Certificate of Merit, 2015
  • Nancy Dreschel, Excellence in Advising - Faculty Advisor, Mid-Atlantic Region, 2013
  • Matthew Rupert, Excellence in Advising - Primary Role, Mid-Atlantic Region, 2012
  • Terry Musser, Service to NACADA Winner, 2012
  • Linda Higginson, Outstanding Advisor Program - Certificate of Merit, 2012
  • Sean Bridgen, Outstanding Advising - Primary Role Category - Certificate of Merit, 2010
  • Samuel D. Museus, doctoral student/research assistant, NACADA research grant, 2007
  • Judith Goetz, Service to Commission Award, Advising Graduate and Professional Students Commission, 2007
  • Janet Schulenberg, Outstanding New Adviser Certificate of Merit, 2007
  • Shaun R. Harper, assistant professor and research associate, NACADA research grant, 2006
  • Terry Musser, Outstanding Advising Award–Primary Role category, 2005
  • Terry Musser, Service to NACADA Region 2, 2005
  • Jen Slusser, Gail Good, and Joy Sottile, Penn State Altoona, Best of Region 2 advising presentation, 2005
  • Michael J. Leonard, Service to Commission Award, Technology in Advising Commission, 2004
  • The Academic Review, Outstanding Advising Program Award, 2004
  • Terry Musser, Research Grant, 2003
  • Ruth B. Hussey, Outstanding Advisor Award, 2003
  • Eric R. White, The Virginia N. Gordon Award for Excellence in the Field of Advising, 2002
  • Advising Handbook (Penn State Erie, The Behrend College), Advisor Publication Certificate of Merit, 2002
  • The Penn State Adviser, Advisor Publication Award, 2001
  • The Mentor: An Academic Advising Journal, Outstanding Publication Award (electronic category), 2000
  • Laura S. Brown, Outstanding Advisor Award, 2000
  • Linda Campitelli, Edward J. Danis, Michael J. Leonard, commission-sponsored conference sessions, 1999
  • Robert B. Campbell, Outstanding Advisor Award, 1998
  • Navigating the First Year: A Model for Advising Exploratory Students, Outstanding Institutional Program Award, 1998
  • Terry Musser, NACADA Scholarship, 1997