Viewing ALEKS Scores

Minimum ALEKS scores were derived from analysis of the specific skills needed to meet the objectives outlined in course descriptions and syllabi. These scores suggest basic readiness for successful completion of a course.

Since mathematical skills are cumulative, a student cannot master higher-order skills without first demonstrating mastery of more basic skills.

Student view

Upon completing an assessment, students see their placement result, a pie chart showing the extent to which skills were mastered, a link to learning modules, and a link to Penn State’s ALEKS information.

Student View of their scores, showing a pie chart displaying the scores in each of the 12 categories and how well they did in each category. It provides information with the placement result percentage as well as per-category scores to help identify areas in need of improvement.

Students can access this screen by using the ALEKS Assessment application in eLion.

Students can also see their score via the eLion Placement Results application.

Adviser View

Academic advisers can see an individual student’s score via the eLion Placement Test application. This view always reflects the student’s most recent score and the date the score was downloaded into the student information system. The score is put into context in the Course Placements document, which is displayed in eLion and provided to students at NSO.

College and campus advising coordinators can also access student information from via a login provided to them by an ALEKS Administrator. This view provides additional information about a student’s time in learning modules, number of assessment attempts, and knowledge mastery by skill area.

Adviser view of the student's score which shows a more detailed table instead of a pie chart.  This table displays the students scores for each of their attempts on the assessment to compare results and notice any areas of improvement or in need of improvement.