Exemplary Practices in Academic Advising


The University Faculty Senate legislation calls for "Strategies to accommodate the specific advising needs of the unit's advisees."

Ideal Practice

An academic advising program must provide basic academic information on the requirements of the university, college, and major. In addition it should include programs for change of assignment students, continuous feedback to students on their progress toward goals, and career and professional/graduate school information.

Exemplary Practices

  1. Basic Academic Information
  2. Change of Location Programs
  3. Career Programs
    • For career information, Penn State College of Health and Human Development, http://www.hhdev.psu.edu/careers/
    • Careers in the Food, Agricultural, and Natural Resource Sciences, booklet provided by Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences to its students and advisers (contact: Marianne Fivek, mafivek@psu.edu)
  4. Feedback to students on their progress toward goals
    • Penn State Division of Undergraduate Studies, Review of Educational Plans document/process (contact: Linda Higginson, lxh1@psu.edu)
    • Penn State College of Arts and Architecture, Office of the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies, Degree Audit process
  5. Information about Graduate/Professional School preparation