Exemplary Practices in Academic Advising


Sample Assessment Items

When assessing academic advising, you will need to consider the components of your particular program. The following list suggests items to include in an assessment of the program and the adviser-advisee relationship. This list is not intended to be exhaustive.

  1. Sample items for assessing a unit's advising program
    1. For advisers
      1. I have ready access to the information (including electronic media) I need as an adviser.
      2. My unit provides on-going adviser training.
      3. In the context of all my professional responsibilities, I am the primary adviser for an appropriate number of students.
    2. For students
      1. Academic advising has helped me to clarify and achieve my educational goals.
      2. Academic advising has helped me to understand the consequences of my educational decisions.
      3. The advising program provides me access to and interpretation of accurate academic information.
  2. Sample items for assessing the adviser-advisee relationship
    1. For advisers
      1. I understand my responsibilities as an academic adviser.
      2. I am accessible to my advisees via e-mail, telephone, and personal interviews.
      3. I help my advisees take responsibility for their own academic choices and progress.
      4. I prepare for and document advising contacts.
      5. I treat each advisee as an individual with a unique combination of interests, abilities, and values.
    2. For students
      1. I take responsibility for seeking advice when I need help with academic issues.
      2. I prepare well so my advising sessions are productive.
      3. I take advantage of all available advising resources, including electronic media.
      4. My adviser helps me make my own decisions.
      5. My adviser respects me as an individual student with unique goals and needs.