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    Topic Index: eLion Advising and Academic Information for Students

This Topic Index page provides an index to academic information that is available to Penn State students through eLion. Students can check their academic records as well as participate in interactive advising sessions. (Note: The student section of eLion includes additional applications that are not listed below.)

The information in the left-hand column in the table below indicates the student-specific academic records or advising that a student can obtain from eLion. The right-hand column indicates which application a student would select from the eLion Student menu to access the corresponding information or advice.

Advising/Academic Information

eLion Student Application

Academic records, summary of Academic Summary
Academic skills, potential problems related to Academic Success
Act 48 Act 48 Reporting
Adding a course Drop/Add or Registration
Adjusting to college, potential problems related to Academic Success
Adviser's name, e-mail, etc. Adviser Information
Advising appointment, preparing for an Advising Preparation
Applying for a major Entrance to Major
Athlete, status as a student- Academic Summary
Audit, degree Degree Audit
Audit of unfulfilled requirements Degree Audit
Basic Skills placement results Placement Test
Books, ordering course Student Schedule
Campus of enrollment Academic Summary
Chemistry Test placement results Placement Test
College of enrollment Academic Summary
Contact information, eLion All applications (footer)
Controlled majors, alternatives to Alternative Majors
Course drop/add (regular) Drop/Add or Registration
Course drop (deadlines) Course Drop Dates
Course preferences, effect on choice of majors Course Preferences
Course registration Registration
Course scheduling Registration
Credits earned, cumulative Academic Summary
Credits earned, total Academic Summary
Cumulative credits Academic Summary
Cumulative grade-point average Academic Summary
Cumulative grade-point average, calculating GPA Prediction
Deadlines, course drop and late drop Course Drop Dates
Degree audit Degree Audit
Drop deadlines, course Course Drop Dates
Dropping a course Drop/Add, Late Course Drop, or Registration
E-mail address, adviser's Adviser Information
English Test placement results Placement Test
Ethnic data Ethnicity/Race Reporting
Evaluation of transfer credits Transferring Credits
Exams, final Final Exam Schedule
Exploring majors Exploring Majors
Feeling left out, potential problems related to Academic Success
Feeling stressed out, potential problems related to Academic Success
Financial difficulties, potential problems related to Academic Success
Final exams Final Exam Schedule
Gender Academic Summary
Grade-point average calculation GPA Prediction
Grade-point average, cumulative Academic Summary
Grade-point average, semester Academic Summary
Grade-point average, target calculation Target GPA Prediction
Grade-point deficiencies Academic Summary
Grade report, request to receive by mail Mail Semester Grades
Grades (grade reports, by semester) Grades
Grades (mid-semester evaluation) Early Progress Report
Graduation Graduating This Semester
Holds (on registration, transcripts, etc.) Holds
ID number, PSU Academic Summary
Intention to graduate Graduating this Semester
Late course drop Late Course Drop
Late drop credits allowed, used, and remaining Academic Summary
Late drop deadlines Course Drop Dates
Late dropping a course Late Course Drop
Mail grade report, request to Mail Semester Grades
Major, current Academic Summary
Major, entrance to Entrance to Major
Major preferences, updating Major Preferences
Majors, exploring Alternative Majors
Majors, exploring Course Preferences
Majors, exploring Exploring Majors
Majors, exploring Major Themes
Mathematics Test placement results Placement Test
Mid-semester grades/evaluation Early Progress Report
NSO placement test results Placement Test
Personal identification, potential problems related to Academic Success
Placement test results (English, mathematics, and chemistry) Placement Test
Policies and rules for undergraduate students Policies and Rules
Preference of majors Major Preferences
Preparing for an advising appointment Advising Preparation
Progress report Early Progress Report
PSU ID number Academic Summary
Race Ethnicity/Race Reporting
Re-enrollment status Academic Summary
Registering for classes Registration
Registration hold Holds
Registration status Academic Summary
Reporting courses for Act 48 requirements Act 48 Reporting
Schedule, student's Student Schedule
Scheduling courses Registration
Schreyer scholar, status as a Academic Summary
Semester classification (semester standing) Academic Summary
Semester credits Academic Summary
Semester grade-point average, calculating GPA Prediction
Semester grade-point average, most recent Academic Summary
Semester standing (semester classification) Academic Summary
Sex (gender) Academic Summary
Student-athlete, status as Academic Summary
Study skills, potential problems related to Academic Success
Summary of Academic Performance Placement Test
Target grade-point average calculation Target GPA Prediction
Total credits earned Academic Summary
Transcript, advising Transcripts
Transcript hold Holds
Transfer Course Evaluation Guide Transferring Credits
Verifying your enrollment Academic Verification
Withdrawing from a course (course drop) Drop/Add, Late Course Drop, or Registration
Withdrawing from the University Withdrawal

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