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    Topic Index: eLion Advising and Academic Information for Advisers

This Topic Index page provides an index to academic information that is available to Penn State advisers through eLion. Advisers can check the academic records of their assigned advisees and other undergraduate students as well as participate in interactive advising sessions that are similar to those found in the student section of eLion. A demo version of the student section is also available so that non-students can view the applications that are available in the student section of eLion.

The left-hand column below lists the information or student-specific academic records that an adviser can obtain from eLion. The right-hand column indicates which application an adviser would select from the eLion Adviser menu to retrieve the corresponding information.

Advising/Academic Information

eLion Adviser Application

Academic progress report (adviser's assessment) Academic Review
Academic records, summary of Academic Summary
Academic skills, potential problems related to Academic Success
Addresses, local and permanent Academic Summary
Adjusting to college, potential problems related to Academic Success
Admissions data, various Admissions Information
Adult indicator Admissions Information
Advisees, list of assigned Advising Rosters
Advisees, sending e-mail to E-mail Advisees
Adviser comments Advising Notes
Adviser, identify by adviser/user ID Adviser Look-Up
Adviser, name of student's assigned Adviser Information
Advising roster Advising Rosters
Applying for a major Entrance to Major
Athlete, status as a student- Academic Summary
Audit of unfulfilled requirements Degree Audit
Basic Skills placement results Placement Test
Campus of enrollment Academic Summary
Chemistry Test placement results Placement Test
College of enrollment Academic Summary
Comments, adviser Advising Notes
Confidentiality, student's request for All applications (header)
Contact information, eLion All applications (footer)
Contact summary, advising Advising Notes
Controlled majors, alternatives to Alternative Majors
Course availability (open/closed course sections) Course Availability
Course drop (deadlines) Course Drop Dates
Course preferences, effect on choice of majors Course Preferences
Courses, student's schedule of Student Schedule
Courses taken in high school Admissions Information
Credits earned, cumulative Academic Summary
Credits earned, total Academic Summary
Cumulative credits Academic Summary
Cumulative grade-point average Academic Summary
Cumulative grade-point average, calculating GPA Prediction
Curricular goals (choices of major) Academic Summary
Date of birth Academic Summary; Admissions Information
Deadlines, course drop and late drop Course Drop Dates
Degree audit Degree Audit
Drop deadlines, course Course Drop Dates
Educational Planning Survey (EPS), student's responses Planning Sruvey (EPS)
E-mail address, student's adviser's Adviser Information
E-mail progress report (adviser's assessment) Academic Review
E-mail, sending to advisees E-mail Advisees
English Test placement results Placement Test
Entrance to major (information about) Entrance to Major
Entrance-to-major (“pool”) semester Academic Summary
Estimated Penn State grades and study hours Planning Sruvey (EPS)
Exploring majors Exploring Majors
Exploring majors? (Is the student exploring?) Academic Summary
Feeling left out, potential problems related to Academic Success
Feeling stressed out, potential problems related to Academic Success
Financial difficulties, potential problems related to Academic Success
Foreign language deficiency Admissions Information; Academic Review
Gender Academic Summary
Grade-point average calculation GPA Prediction
Grade-point average, cumulative Academic Summary
Grade-point average, semester Academic Summary
Grade-point average, target calculation Target GPA Prediction
Grade-point deficiencies Academic Summary
Grades (grade reports, by semester) Grades
Grades (mid-semester evaluation) Early Progress Report
High school information Admissions Information
High school study hours Planning Sruvey (EPS)
High school subjects, reaction to Planning Sruvey (EPS)
High school transcript Admissions Information
Holds (on student's registration, transcript, etc.) Holds
Home (permanent) address and telephone number Academic Summary
ID number, PSU Academic Summary
ID photo Photo ID
Late course drop deadlines Course Drop Dates
Late course drop information Late Course Drop
Late drop credits allowed, used, and remaining Academic Summary
Late drop deadlines Course Drop Dates
Late dropping a course Late Course Drop
Local address and telephone number Academic Summary
Major, current Academic Summary
Major, entrance to Entrance to Major
Major preferences, updating Major Preferences
Majors, exploring Alternative Majors
Majors, exploring Course Preferences
Majors, exploring Exploring Majors
Majors, exploring Major Themes
Majors that student applied for Academic Summary
Majors that student is exploring Academic Summary
Mathematics Test placement results Placement Test
Mid-semester grades/evaluation Early Progress Report
Notes, advising Advising Notes
NSO Educational Planning Survey responses Planning Survey (EPS)
NSO placement test results Placement Test
Parents' level of education Planning Sruvey (EPS)
Personal identification, potential problems related to Academic Success
Photo, student's ID Photo ID
Placement test results (English, mathematics, and chemistry) Placement Test
Preference of majors Major Preferences
Progress report Academic Review; Early Progress Report
PSU ID number Academic Summary
Reason for attending college Planning Sruvey (EPS)
Reasons for attending Penn State Planning Sruvey (EPS)
Re-enrollment status Academic Summary
Registration holds Holds
Registration status Academic Summary
Residency status Admissions Information
Roster of assigned advisees Advising Rosters
SAT scores Admissions Information
Schedule, student's Student Schedule
Schedule of courses Course Availability
Schreyer scholar, status as a Academic Summary
Semester classification (semester standing) Academic Summary
Semester credits, current Academic Summary
Semester grade-point average, calculating GPA Prediction
Semester grade-point average, most recent Academic Summary
Semester standing (semester classification) Academic Summary
Sex (gender) Academic Summary
Student-athlete, status as Academic Summary
Study skills, improving Academic Success
Study skills, student's self-assessment of Planning Sruvey (EPS)
Summary of Academic Performance Placement Test
Target grade-point average, calculating Target GPA Prediction
Telephone numbers, permanent and local Academic Summary
Test results, placement Placement Test
Total credits earned Academic Summary
Transcript holds Holds
Transcripts, advising Transcripts
Withdrawing from a course (course drop) Late Course Drop
Withdrawing from the University Withdrawal

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