College of Communications

Students entering Penn State SU16, FA16, or SP17

Entrance to College

To enter the college in pre-major status, a student must have a minimum 2.00 cumulative grade-point average (CGPA).

Entrance to Major (ETM) Requirements

ETM Requirements for majors in the College of Communications
Major Minimum Cumulative GPA Credits/Courses/Grades Additional Criteria
Advertising/Public Relations (ADPR) * 3.30

Credit window: 40-59 cumulative credits

Courses required with a grade of C or better:

  • ENGL 15 or 30 or ESL 15
  • ECON 102
Film-Video (FILM) 3.00

Minimum third-semester classification

Courses required with a grade of B or better:

  • COMM 150
  • COMM 242
See Film Portfolio Requirements for additional information
Journalism (JOURN) 2.00 Minimum third-semester classification  
Media Studies (MEDIA) 2.00 Minimum third-semester classification  
Telecommunications (TELCM) 2.00 Minimum third-semester classification  


* The ADPR major is under administrative enrollment controls. To enter ADPR, students must:

  • complete the entrance requirements in the table above
  • be enrolled in the College of Communications or in the Division of Undergraduate Studies
  • apply to enter the major when they are within the 40-59 cumulative credit window