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Mailing addresses of Penn State departments, directory of Web
Major, change of HandbookMiscellaneous: Entrance-to-College/Major Procedures (DUS)Miscellaneous: Entrance-to-College/Major Requirements (DUS)Policies
Major Decisions: For Students Who are Exploring Majors Web
Major information (advising topics by college) Advising @ PSU: Exploring Penn State Colleges and Majors
Major preferences, student's eLion
MajorPrep DUS: MajorPrep Guide
MajorQuest DUS: MajorQuest
Majors, academic entrance/retention requirements for HandbookPolicies: Entrance to majorPolicies: Drops by colleges
Majors, administrative enrollment controls for AdministrativeHandbookMiscellaneous: Division of Undergraduate Studies
Majors, Alternative eLion
Majors, entrance procedures (University Park) DUS: Entrance-to-College/Major Requirements
Majors, entrance requirements DUS: Entrance-to-College/Major Requirements
Majors, exploring Advising @ PSU: Exploring Penn State Colleges and Majors
Majors, lists of undergraduate BulletinMiscellaneous: Penn State Degree Program SummaryMiscellaneous: Undergraduate Admissions
Majors with Options Miscellaneous: University Registrar
Maps of Penn State campuses Miscellaneous: Visitors and Neighbors
Maps of University Park buildings Miscellaneous: University Registrar
Math Center (math tutoring) Miscellaneous: Penn State Learning
Mathematics courses, scheduling Handbook
Mathematics placement test Handbook
Mathematics review Miscellaneous: Department of Mathematics
Maymester HandbookWeb
McKeesport campus (now Greater Allegheny campus) Miscellaneous: Advising centerWeb
McNair Scholars (Ronald E. McNair Post-Baccalaureate Achievement Program) Web
Medical school preparation Miscellaneous: Health Professions Advising (Eberly College of Science)Miscellaneous: Medical and Dental School Preparation at Penn State (DUS)Miscellaneous: College of Health and Human Development
Medical withdrawal eLionFormHandbookPolicies
Medicine, College of Web
Meeting times, class AdministrativeHandbook
The Mentor: An Academic Advising Journal Web
Mid-Semester report (Early Progress Report) AdministrativeeLionHandbookPolicies
Migrant Program, College Assistance Web
Military, credit for educational experiences HandbookPolicies
Military leave of absence FormHandbook
Military re-enrollment Handbook
Military withdrawal FormHandbookPolicies
Minor Themes eLion
Minority Undergraduate Research Experience (MURE) Web
Minors, undergraduate AdministrativeBulletinFormHandbookPolicies
Missed classes HandbookPolicies
Missing a test (absence from examinations) Handbook
Mont Alto campus Miscellaneous: Advising centerWeb
Morgan Academic Support Center for Student-Athletes Web
Multicultural Engineering Program (MEP) Web
Multicultural Resource Center (MRC) Web
Multiple-campus registration Handbook
“Multiple majors” (concurrent majors) Advising @ PSUAdministrativeFormHandbookPolicies
MURE (Minority Undergraduate Research Experience) Web

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