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Handbook, University Undergraduate Advising Web
Handicapped students (Office for Disability Services) Web
Handicapped students (Resources for Students with Disabilities) Handbook
Harrisburg campus (Capital College) Web
Hazleton campus Miscellaneous: Advising centerWeb
Health and Human Development, College of Advising @ PSU: College GridBulletin: CoursesMiscellaneous: Advising centerWeb
Health and Physical Activity (GHA) (General Education) Bulletin: Courses
Health professions advising Miscellaneous: Eberly College of ScienceMiscellaneous: Pre-health chartMiscellaneous: What a production!
Hershey Medical College (College of Medicine) Web
Historical Course Offering (Historical Course Search) Miscellaneous: Registrar
Holds on student registration and records HandbookMiscellaneous: Division of Undergraduate Studies
Holy days Miscellaneous: Center for Ethics and Religious Affairs
Honor societies Handbook
Honors College, Schreyer AdministrativeHandbookPoliciesWeb
Honors, graduation with (graduation with distinction) HandbookPolicies
Honors program (Schreyer Honors College) AdministrativeHandbookPoliciesWeb
Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences Web
Humanities (GH) (General Education) Bulletin: Courses
Hybrid courses Bulletin: Courses

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