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Subjects Links to Information Sources
Faculty directory (Penn State directory search) Miscellaneous
Faculty, listing of courses taught (CLUE) Web
Faculty Senate Curriculum Reports (“Blue Sheets”) Miscellaneous: University Faculty Senate
Faculty Senate Office Web
Faculty Senate petitions HandbookMiscellaneous: Student Petition Information (University Faculty Senate)Policies
Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) U.S. Department of Education
FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Frequently Asked Questions
Fayette, the Eberly campus Miscellaneous: Advising centerWeb
Fee Assessor Handbook
Feeling left out (Academic Success) eLionMiscellaneous: Division of Undergraduate Studies
Feeling stressed out (Academic Success) eLionMiscellaneous: Division of Undergraduate Studies
Fellowships Office, University (scholarships) Web
FERPA (privacy of student records) AdministrativeMiscellaneous: University RegistrarU.S. Department of Education: FERPA
Final exam schedule information Miscellaneous: University Registrar
Final examinations, conflict of HandbookPolicies
Financial aid (Student Aid) HandbookWeb
Financial difficulties (Academic Success) eLionMiscellaneous: Division of Undergraduate Studies
Financial literacy (Cash Course) Miscellaneous: Cash Course
First day to register/schedule courses for next semester Miscellaneous: University Registrar
First-year engagement plans HandbookMiscellaneous: University Faculty Senate
First-Year Seminars AdministrativeBulletin: CoursesHandbook
500-level (graduate) courses Handbook
Flexibility in General Education Miscellaneous: Center for Excellence in Academic Advising
“Flunking out” (unsatisfactory scholarship) HandbookPolicies
Foreign language placement policy BulletinHandbook
Foreign language proficiency certification FormMiscellaneous: College of the Liberal Arts
Foreign language tutoring Miscellaneous: Penn State Learning
Foreign languages offered at Penn State Handbook
Foreign/second language admission requirement Handbook
Foreign studies (Education Abroad) HandbookMiscellaneous: Summer Education Abroad (Outreach)Miscellaneous: Summer and Short-Term Programs (Education Abroad)Web
Foreign (World) language admission requirement Handbook
Foreign (World) language requirements in University Park majors listed by college Handbook
Foreign (World) language substitution for general education Handbook
Foreign (World) languages, scheduling courses BulletinHandbook
Forms, Student Miscellaneous: University Registrar
Four-hundred- and five-hundred-level courses, scheduling Handbook
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions
“Freshman” ... See “First-year” ...
Freshman characteristics (Educational Planning Survey) Miscellaneous: Division of Undergraduate Studies
FTCAP (New Student Orientation, NSO) HandbookWeb
Full-time credit load HandbookPolicies

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