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Subjects Links to Information Sources
Day to register/schedule courses for next semester, first Miscellaneous: University Registrar
Deadlines for academic actions Advising @ PSUMiscellaneous: University Registrar
Deans, Associate (“appropriate”) Handbook
Dean's list AdministrativeHandbook
Dean's offices (Administrative Offices for Undergraduate Education) Handbook
Deferred grades HandbookPolicies
Deficiency, grade-point HandbookPolicies
Degree audit eLionHandbookMiscellaneous: Center for Excellence in Academic AdvisingMiscellaneous: University RegistrarPolicies
Degree Audit, Interpreting a Miscellaneous: Center for Excellence in Academic Advising
Degree Audit Report, Interpretation of the Miscellaneous: Registrar
Degree audit, step-by-step instructions for alternative majors (majors to explore) Handbook
Degree candidates (defined) HandbookPolicies
Degree Program Summary Miscellaneous: University Registrar
Degree programs (University Bulletin) Bulletin
Degree requirements HandbookPolicies
Delaware County campus (now Brandywine campus) Miscellaneous: Advising centerWeb
Dental school preparation Miscellaneous: Health Professions Advising (Eberly College of Science)Miscellaneous: Medical and Dental School Preparation at Penn State (DUS)Miscellaneous: College of Health and Human Development
Department Directory, Penn State Web
Departmentally controlled courses, scheduling FormHandbook
Dickinson School of Law Web
Directory, Advising Select (University Park) Handbook
Directory of departments (Penn State Department Directory) Web
Directory of faculty, staff, students (Penn State directory search) Miscellaneous
Disabilities, Resources for Students with Handbook
Disability Services, Office for Web
Disciplinary report (recommendations and references) Handbook
Discover House Web
Discrimination complaints HandbookMiscellaneous: Policy AD42
Disenrollment from a college or major (drops by colleges) HandbookPolicies
Disenrollment from a course AdministrativeHandbook
Dishonesty (academic)/academic integrity Advising @ PSUAdministrativeHandbookMiscellaneous: Council of Academic DeansPolicies
Distance education (World Campus) Web
Distinction, graduation with HandbookPolicies
Division of Undergraduate Studies (DUS) HandbookPoliciesWeb
“Double majors” (concurrent majors) Advising @ PSUAdministrativeFormHandbookPolicies
Drop action (unsatisfactory scholarship) AdministrativeHandbookPolicies
Drop/add (schedule adjustment) AdministrativeFormHandbookPolicies
“Dropped” from a course (disenrollment from a course) AdministrativeHandbook
Dropping courses FormHandbook
Dropping down in a sequence of courses FormHandbook
Drops by colleges (failure to meet retention standards) HandbookPolicies
“Dual degrees” (concurrent majors) Advising @ PSUAdministrativeFormHandbookPolicies
“Dual majors” (concurrent majors) Advising @ PSUAdministrativeFormHandbookPolicies
DuBois campus Miscellaneous: Advising centerWeb
Duplicate courses Administrative
DUS (Division of Undergraduate Studies) HandbookWeb
DUS Alumni Resource Directory Miscellaneous: Division of Undergraduate Studies
DUS (Undergraduate Studies) Programs Coordinators at Campuses Other than University Park Handbook
DUS (Undergraduate Studies) Programs Coordinators at University Park Division of Undergraduate Studies

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