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Subjects Links to Information Sources
C-Grade requirement HandbookPolicies
Calculating grade-point average (GPA) Handbook
Calculus readiness/review Miscellaneous: Department of Mathematics
Calendars, Academic Miscellaneous: University Registrar
Calendar of religious holy days Miscellaneous: Center for Ethics and Religious Affairs
Calendars (various) Advising @ PSUMiscellaneous: Penn State Events Calendars
CAMP (College Assistance Migrant Program) Web
Campus (student's campus of enrollment) eLion
Campus advising centers Handbook
Campus/college contacts and referrals Miscellaneous: University Advising Council
Campus, change of HandbookMiscellaneous: Eberly College of ScienceMiscellaneous: INTRO
Campus Maps Miscellaneous: Visitors and Neighbors
Campuses, Commonwealth Web
Campuses, Penn State Miscellaneous: Undergraduate AdmissionsMiscellaneous: University Relations
Cancellation of a course Handbook
Cancellation of registration Handbook
Capital College (Penn State Harrisburg) BulletinWeb
CAPS (Counseling and Psychological Services) Web
Career Services Web
Carnegie Units Handbook
Cash Course for Financial Literacy Miscellaneous: Cash Course
Catalog, course/college (University Bulletin) Bulletin
Center for Excellence in Academic Advising Web
Center for Excellence in Writing Web
Certificate minors FormHandbook
Certification of enrollment (academic verification) FormMiscellaneous: University Registrar
Certification, non-credit foreign language proficiency FormMiscellaneous: College of the Liberal Arts
Certification programs for teachers, entrance criteria HandbookWeb
Certification, teacher HandbookWeb
“Change of assignment” (see “Change of campus” below)
Change of campus HandbookMiscellaneous: Eberly College of ScienceMiscellaneous: INTRO
“Change of location” (see “Change of campus” above)
Change of major/entrance to major HandbookPolicies
Change your password (Penn State access account) Miscellaneous: Information Technology Services
“Cheating” (academic integrity/academic dishonesty) Advising @ PSUAdministrativeHandbookMiscellaneous: Council of Academic DeansPolicies
Chemistry (scheduling beginning courses) Handbook
Choosing a major Advising @ PSUeLionMiscellaneous: Major Decisions (Division of Undergraduate Studies
Class attendance HandbookPolicies
Class meeting times AdministrativeHandbook
Class rank Handbook
Classes, first day to register/schedule (for next semester) Miscellaneous: University Registrar
Classification, semester HandbookPolicies
Classification of undergraduate students HandbookPolicies
Classroom problems, resolution of student HandbookPolicies
Clearinghouse of Academic Advising Resources non-PSU: National Academic Advising Association
CLEP (College Level Examination Program) of the College Entrance Examination Board HandbookMiscellaneous: Undergraduate AdmissionsPolicies
Clubs and organizations, student (academic) Student Organization Directory (Student Affairs)
CLUE (Course Links for University Education): course syllabi/syllabuses Web
Code of Conduct Miscellaneous: Judicial Affairs
Codes (abbreviations, acronyms, etc.) Advising @ PSU
Codes (course suffixes) Advising @ PSU
Codes on ISIS screens, reports, etc., interpretation of Miscellaneous: Division of Undergraduate Studies
Codes for majors Miscellaneous: Registrar
Codes for minors Bulletin
College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP) Web
College catalog (University Bulletin) Bulletin
College contacts and referrals Miscellaneous: University Advising Council
College Level Examination Program (CLEP) of the College Entrance Examination Board HandbookMiscellaneous: Undergraduate AdmissionsPolicies
College of Medicine Web
College rank Handbook
Colleges (entrance procedures, University Park) Miscellaneous: DUS
Colleges (entrance requirements) Miscellaneous: DUS
Colleges (at Penn State) Advising @ PSU: College Information GridMiscellaneous: University Relations
Commencement See Graduation
Commonwealth Campuses Web
Communications, College of Advising @ PSU: College GridBulletinMiscellaneous: Advising centerWeb
Computer Access Accounts (Information Technology Services) HandbookMiscellaneous: Account Services
Computer labs, real-time availability Miscellaneous: Information Technology Services
Computer Services (Information Technology Services) HandbookWeb
Concurrent courses AdministrativePolicies
Concurrent majors FormHandbookPolicies
Conduct, Code of Miscellaneous: Judicial Affairs
Confidentiality of student records AdministrativeMiscellaneous: University RegistrarU.S. Department of Education: FERPA
Confirmation of registration Handbook
Conflict of examinations HandbookPolicies
Contacts, campus and college Miscellaneous: University Advising Council
Continuing Education HandbookWeb
Controlled courses FormHandbook
Controlled majors: academic entrance and retention requirements HandbookPolicies: Entrance to and Changes in Major Programs of StudyPolicies: Drops by Colleges
Controlled majors: administrative enrollment controls AdministrativeHandbook
Controlled majors, alternatives to eLion
Controlled majors: entrance criteria for teacher certification Handbook
Cooperative Extension and Outreach Web
Coordinators, Undergraduate Studies Programs (at Campuses Other than University Park) Handbook
Coordinators, Undergraduate Studies Programs (at University Park) Division of Undergraduate Studies
Corrected grade: grade change HandbookPolicies
Corrected grade: grade mediation and adjudication AdministrativeHandbookPolicies
Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) Web
Course abbreviations Handbook
Course Abbreviations, Uniformity of Miscellaneous: University Faculty Senate
Course add FormHandbookPolicies
Course availability (schedule of courses) eLionMiscellaneous: University Registrar
Course cancellation, administrative Handbook
Course catalog (University Bulletin) Bulletin
Course characteristics Advising @ PSU
Course codes (suffixes) Advising @ PSU
Course descriptions, graduate Bulletin
Course descriptions, undergraduate BulletinWeb: CLUE (course syllabi/syllabuses)
Course, disenrollment from a AdministrativeHandbook
Course drop/add eLionFormHandbookPolicies
Course drop/add: dropping down in a sequence of courses FormHandbook
Course duplication Administrative
Course Information Advising @ PSU
Course information (CLUE: syllabi/syllabuses) Web
Course materials (syllabi/syllabuses) Web
Course numbering system BulletinHandbook
Course planner (registration worksheets) Form: Fall/Spring (UP)Form: Summer (UP)
Course prerequisites AdministrativePolicies
Course registration eLion
Course repeat HandbookPolicies
Courses, Schedule of (course availability) Miscellaneous: University Registrar
Course scheduling recommendations, semester-by-semester Miscellaneous: Division of Undergraduate Studies
Course scheduling resources Advising @ PSU: Schedule Planning Resources
Course selection (schedule preparation) HandbookPolicies
Course substitution (exceptions to degree requirements) HandbookPolicies
Course suffixes Advising @ PSU
Course syllabi/syllabuses (CLUE) Web
Course symbols Advising @ PSU
Course watch list eLionMiscellaneous: University Registrar
Courses, cross-listed Handbook
Courses, first day to register/schedule (for next semester) Miscellaneous: University Registrar
Courses, part-semester Handbook
Courses, “test” (courses to explore interests and/or test abilities) Miscellaneous: Division of Undergraduate Studies
Courses with C-grade requirement HandbookPolicies
Credit acquisition Miscellaneous: Undergraduate AdmissionsPolicies
Credit acquisition: foreign secondary schools and International Baccalaureate Program HandbookMiscellaneous: Undergraduate AdmissionsPolicies
Credit by examination HandbookPolicies: Credit by Examination
Credit by portfolio assessment HandbookPolicies
Credit by transfer from other institutions HandbookPolicies: Credit by Transfer From Other InstitutionsPolicies: Limitations on Source and Time for Credit Acquisition
Credit by validation HandbookPolicies
Credit for educational experiences in the armed services HandbookPolicies
Credit for noncollegiate experience HandbookPolicies
Credit for training programs in noncollegiate organizations HandbookPolicies
Credit load HandbookPolicies: Definition of Full-Time StudentsPolicies: Types of Instruction
Credit load: summer sessions Handbook
Credit overload HandbookPolicies: Definition of Full-Time StudentsPolicies: Types of Instruction
Credits (defined) Policies
Credits earned HandbookPolicies
Cross-listed courses Handbook
Cumulative credits (defined) Handbook
Cumulative grade-point average (GPA) eLionPolicies
Current Lab Use (real-time availability of computer labs) Miscellaneous: Information Technology Services
Curricular goals, student's eLion

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