Who should use ALEKS

New First-Year Students

All new first-year students admitted to a residential instruction college and in PDACC status will be automatically provided the ability to access the ALEKS Math Assessment.

  • Students admitted for spring semesters will have access beginning November 1.
  • Students admitted for summer or fall semesters will have access beginning March 1.

New first-year students are assigned and reminded of a deadline for completing their test by Student Orientation and Transitions Programs (SOTP). They will enter the assessment through instructions on orientation.psu.edu.

Advanced Standing, Nondegree, and Dual Enrollment

Students who are not new first-year students may access the assessment as long as they have been provided access in LionPATH. They should access the assessment information at advising.psu.edu/aleks.

Each DUS Campus Coordinator has identified individuals at their campus with the ability to update LionPATH with permission for a student to take the ALEKS assessment, at the request of an academic adviser.