Recommendations for Selecting Appropriate Courses

Calculus sequence courses

There are two calculus pathways: MATH 110 for students pursuing business-focused studies, and MATH 140 for students pursuing engineering and science programs.

What courses might you take?
Pathway Sequence of Courses

MATH 110 pathway

MATH 21 → MATH 22 → MATH 110

MATH 140 pathway
If ALEKS score 60 or lower MATH 21 → MATH 22 + MATH 26 → MATH 140
If ALEKS score 61 or higher MATH 26 or MATH 40 or MATH 41 → MATH 140

Choosing among MATH 26, 40, and 41 when heading to MATH 140 with ALEKS scores in the 61-75 range:

Students who need MATH 140 may take MATH 26 or 40 or 41 to satisfy the prerequisite for MATH 140.

  • Students who believe they are strong in algebra may take MATH 26 to satisfy the prerequisite for MATH 140.
  • Students who would benefit from some review in algebra should take MATH 40 or 41 to satisfy the prerequisite for MATH 140

Prerequisite enforcement

Students who attempt to schedule a MATH course requiring a prerequisite, but who do not meet the prerequisite will not be permitted to register for the class. LionPATH will indicate they have unmet pre-requisites.

Students may meet the prerequisite with:

  • Credit for the prerequisite course recorded on the transcript
  • A sufficient ALEKS score
Students who are enrolled in the pre-requisite at the time of registration will be conditionally registered, and will be allowed to remain if they successfully complete their in-progress course. Students who late-drop or fail a pre-requisite course will be removed from their registered course before the start of the semester.

Statistics courses

Students should demonstrate sufficient algebra skills to be ready for 200-level STAT course content by earning 30 or higher on the ALEKS assessment. STAT 200, 240, and 250 prerequisites are being updated in the Bulletin. SCM200 was not part of the cut-score analysis, but it has a prerequisite of Math 21.

GQ courses without prerequisites

Non-calculus sequence MATH courses and many other GQ courses do not have strictly enforced prerequisites. Additional information on GQ courses is available in the University Undergraduate Advising Handbook.

Chemistry courses

Student success in CHEM 110 depends on sufficient algebra skills as well as prior exposure to and comfort with chemical principles. Students need a score of 60 in order to schedule CHEM 110. Students who are not ready for MATH 22 should schedule MATH 22 prior to taking CHEM 110.

What courses might you take?
ALEKS score No high school chemistry course Chemistry in 9th or 10th grade or chemistry more than two years ago Chemistry in 11th or 12th grade, Honors Chemistry, or AP Chemistry

60 or less

CHEM 101

MATH 22, then CHEM 110 + CHEM 108*

MATH 22, then CHEM 110

61 or more CHEM 101

CHEM 110

CHEM 110

*Any students who feel their chemistry preparation may be weak should consider also scheduling CHEM 108.