Information on Learning Modules

ALEKS directs students to the learning module that will allow them to make the most immediate gains in skills. The modules are: Prep for Beginning Algebra, Prep for Intermediate Algebra, Prep for College Algebra, Prep for PreCalculus, and Prep for Calculus. Topics covered in each module are available on the ALEKS website.

Once a learning module is started, the student may continue to access the module for up to six months but will no longer have access past the drop/add period. The student may retake the assessment after spending a minimum amount of time in the learning module. The learning module-retake sequence may be repeated twice.

ALEKS monitors student progress and sets deadlines for continuing access to learning modules and retests.

Once students begin classes, ALEKS retests are no longer available.

Additional information on Math Placement, Prep & Learning Modules, and the research behind ALEKS is available on the ALEKS website.