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Alphabetical Index of Topics


Abbreviations, Acronyms, and Codes

Abbreviations, Course

Absence from Class (Class Attendance)

Academic Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual

Academic Advising

Advising Audit (Degree Audit)

Advising Centers

Advising Council (University)

Advising Directory

Advising Topics and Related ISIS Screens

College Advising Structures at University Park

Responsibilities of Advisers and Advisees

Academic Advising News

Academic Advising Seminars

Academic Assistance Programs (Educational Equity)

Academic Background and Placements (Course Placements)

Academic Calendar

Academic Classification of Students by Semester

Academic Dismissal

Drop Action: DUS Student with Conditions and Nondegree (Enrollment Policies)

Academic Drop Action (Academic Progress)

Academic/Enrollment Verification

Academic Entrance and Retention Requirements (for Majors)

Academic Help

Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity Policies and Statements by College/Campus

Academic Planning (Student Resources)

Academic Plans (Recommended)

Academic Progress

Academic Reinstatement

Academic Renewal

Academic Success and Difficulties (Handbook Topics)

Academic Verification, Understanding a Transcript/

Academic Warning (Academic Progress)

Access Accounts, (Penn State)

Accessibility (Resources for Students with Disabilities)


Adding Courses

Administrative Course Cancellation

Administrative Enrollment Controls (lists by year)

Administrative Enrollment Controls

Administrative Information Services (AIS), Integrated Student Information System (ISIS)

Administrative Offices for Undergraduate Education

Admission and Enrollment (Handbook Topics)

Admission Requirement (Carnegie Units)

Admission Requirement, World Language

Admission to Major (Entrance to and Changes in College/Major)

Admissions, Undergraduate

Adult Learners

Adult Learner Programs

Commission for Adult Learners

Continuing Education (all campuses)

Continuing Education (University Park)

Advance Registration (Registration)

Advanced Placement (AP)

Advanced Standing

Adviser Assignment and Academic Classification of Students

Advising (see Academic Advising)

Advising Notes

Documentation Guidelines

ALEKS Math Assessment

Appeal of Academic Policies and Procedures (Petitions for Exceptions to Academic Policies and Procedures)

Appointment (Class Meeting Times)

Appropriate Deans' Offices

Armed Services, Credit for Educational Experiences

Associate Deans for Undergraduate Studies

Associate Degree Programs

Athletes, Morgan Academic Center

Attendance in Class

Audit of Unfulfilled Requirements (Degree Audit)

Auditing a Course (AU)

Awards, Excellence in Advising



Baccalaureate "Bachelor's" Degrees (e.g., B.A., B.S., B.PH.)

B.A. Degree Requirements

Basic Skills Courses, Scheduling: English

Basic Skills Courses, Scheduling: Quantification

Blended Learning (Web/Online Course Work)

Bulletin, Undergraduate

Bursar's Office



C-Grade Requirement

Calendar of Religious Holy Days

Calendar, Academic


Advising Centers

Change of

Codes (LionPATH)

Engagement Plan

Multi-Campus Registration

Canceling Registration

Cancellation of a Course

Career Services

Carnegie Units

Certificate Programs

Certificate Programs by Interest Area

Certification, Foreign Language Proficiency

Certification Programs for Teachers, Entrance Criteria

Change Course Level (Dropping Down in a Sequence of Courses)

Change of Campus

Change of College/Major


Chemistry, Course Placements

Chemistry (Scheduling Beginning Courses)

Class Attendance

Class Meeting Times

Class Rank

Classification, Semester

Classification of Undergraduate Students

Classroom Problems, Resolution of

Clubs/Organization, Student

Code of Conduct

Codes, Abbreviations, and Acronyms

Codes (Campus)

College Advising Structures at University Park

College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP)

College Information Chart

College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) of the College Entrance Examination Board

College Rank

Combined Section Classes (formerly Cross-Listed Courses)

Communication Skills (Academic Advising)

Comprehensive Studies Program (CSP)

Computer Access Accounts (Penn State)

Computer Services

Concurrent Majors Program

Conduct (Office of Student Conduct)

Conference on Academic Advising


FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) and it's Implications for Academic Advising Practice (NACADA)

Conflict of Examinations

Contacts for Courses, Department and Campus

Continuing Education

Continuing Education for Adult Students (all campuses)

Continuing Education for Adult Students (University Park)

Controlled Courses

Controlled Majors: Academic Entrance and Retention Requirements

Controlled Majors: Administrative Enrollment Controls

Controlled Majors: Entrance Criteria for Teacher Certification

Corrected Grade: Grade Change

Corrected Grade: Grade Mediation and Adjudication

Correspondence Study (World Campus)

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)



Cancellation, Administrative

C-Grade Requirement (Courses with)

Contacts (Departments and Campus Registrar)

Delivery Systems

Disenrollment from


Dropping Down in a Sequence of Courses

Enrolling in a Course That's Full (Scheduling a Course That's Full)

Numbering System


Placements (First-Year Writing, Math, Chemistry, and World Language)



Selection (Handbook Topics)

Substitution (Exceptions to Degree Requirements)


Test Interests and/or Abilities (Courses to)

Cover Letters, Resumes

Credit Acquisition Through Attendance at Some Foreign Secondary Schools and Participation in the International Baccalaureate Program

Credit and Credit Load

Credit by Examination

Credit by Portfolio Assessment

Credit by Transfer from Other Institutions

Credit by Validation

Credit for Educational Experiences in the Armed Services

Credit for Noncollegiate Experience

Credit for Training Programs in Noncollegiate Organizations

Credit Load (Summer Sessions)

Credit Overload

Credits (Handbook Topics)

Credits Earned (Semester Classification)

Cross-Listed Courses

Cultural Diversity (United States and International Cultures requirements)

Cumulative Credits/Total Credits

Cumulative Grade-Point Average

Curricular Updates



Deans, Associate ("Appropriate")

Dean's List

Deferred Grade (DF)

Degree Audit

Degree, Baccalaureate

Degree Candidates (Defined)

Degree Program Summary

Degree Requirements

Delivery Systems, Course

Department and Campus Contacts for Courses

Departmentally Controlled Courses, Scheduling

Directory, Advising Select

Disabilities, Resources for Students with

Disablility Resources, Student

Disciplinary Report

Waiver (Consent for Release of Information)

Disciplinary Withdrawal

Discrimination Complaints

Office of Ethics and Compliance

Disenrollment from a College or Major (Drops by Colleges)

Disenrollment from a Course

Dishonesty (Academic Integrity)

Dismissal, Academic (Academic Progress)

Distance Education (World Campus)

Distinction (Graduation with Distinction or Honors)

Diversity Requirement (United States and International Cultures)

Division of Undergraduate Studies (DUS)

DUS with Conditions (formerly Degree-Seeking Provisional Students)

Double Majors (Concurrent Majors Program)

Drop Action (Academic Progress)

Drop Action: DUS Student with Conditions and Nondegree (Enrollment Policies)

Drop/Add, Course (Schedule Adjustment)

Dropping Down in a Sequence of Courses

Drops by Colleges, Failure to Meet Retention Standards

Dual Degrees (Concurrent Majors Program)

DUS (Division of Undergraduate Studies)

DUS with Conditions (formerly Degree-Seeking Provisional Students)



Early Progress Report

Progress Survey (Starfish)


Education Abroad

Education, Entrance Criteria for Teacher Certification

Educational Planning (Student Resources)



Emergencies, Class Absence

Engaged Scholarship Initiative

Engagement Plans, First-Year; First-Year Seminars

English as a Second Language (ESL)

English, Course Placements (First-Year Writing)

English Courses (Scheduling First-Year Writing Courses)

English for Professional Purposes Intercultural Center (EPPIC)

Enrichment Course Taker (Nondegree-Regular)

Enrollment/Academic Verification

Enrollment Controls, Administrative

Entrance and Retention Requirements, Academic

Entrance to and Changes in College/Major

Academic Entrance and Retention Requirements

Administrative Enrollment Controls

Administrative Enrollment Controls (by student's year of entry)

Direct Admission Majors

Entrance to Major (ETM) Procedures

Entrance to Major (ETM) Requirements (all majors, campuses and colleges)

Teacher Preparation Majors


Ethics and Compliance (Office of)


Examinations: Absence

Examinations: Advanced Placement Program (AP) of the College Board

Examinations: College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) of the College Entrance Examination Board

Examinations: Conflict of

Examinations: Credit by Examination

Examinations: For Failure Elimination

Examinations: Penn State Placement Tests (First-Year Writing, Math, Chemistry)

Excellence in Advising Awards

Exceptions to Degree Requirements (Course Substitution)

Exercise and Sport Activities (ESACT): Credit by Participation in Varsity Sports

Exercise and Sport Activities (ESACT): Credit for Basic Training in the Armed Services

Exploring Majors (MajorQuest)



F-Grade, Exam to Eliminate

Faculty Senate Office

Faculty Senate Policies

Failure, Exam to Eliminate

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, FERPA (Confidentiality)

Fellowships Office

FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) Confidentiality Index

FERPA and it's Implications for Academic Advising Practice (NACADA)

Final Exams (Examinations)

Financial Aid

First-Year Seminars and Engagement Plans

Flexibility in General Education

Foreign (World) Language

Admission Requirement

Course Placement

Courses, Scheduling

Proficiency Certification and Credit by Exam

Requirements in University Park Majors Listed by College

Substitution (Flexibility in General Education)

Tutoring Center (Penn State Learning)

Forms (student)

Four-, Five-, and Eight-Hundred-Level Courses, Scheduling (Course Numbering System)

FTCAP (New Student Orientation, NSO)

Full-Time Credit Load



Gender Equality Center

General Education

Flexibility in General Education

General Education Worksheet

Scheduling General Education Quantification Courses

What is General Education? (Revisions Approved April 2015)

General Education Year and Program Year

Global Education and Involvement (Think Global)

Global Programs (Education Abroad)

Grades and Grade-Point Average

Accessing Grades

Corrected Grade

Early Progress Reports

Grade-Point Equivalents

Grade Mediation and Adjudication

Grade Report and Transcript Symbols

Grades and Student Records (Handbook Topics)

Grading System

Retroactive Grade Changes (Petitions)

Target Grade-Point Average: Method for Computing

Graduate Courses

Graduate Programs at Penn State

Graduate/Undergraduate Degree Programs, Integrated

Graduation Procedures

Graduation Requirements

Graduation with Distinction or Honors

Guided Study Groups



Handbook, Undergraduate Advising

Handicapped Students (Resources for Students with Disabilities)

Health Professions

Health Professions Matrix

Health Services, University

Help, Academic

High School Units (Carnegie Units)

Holds on Student Registration and Records

Holy Days

Honor Societies

Honors (Graduation with Distinction or Honors)

Honors Program, Schreyer Honors College

Hybrid (Web/Online Course Work)



Identification Cards (id+ card)

Incomplete (No Grade)

Incomplete Registration

Independent Learning (World Campus)

Information, Penn State Phone Numbers

Information Technology Services

Integrated Undergraduate/Graduate Degree Programs

Integrity (Academic Integrity)

Intercultural and International Competence (United States and International Cultures requirement)

International Baccalaureate Program

International Cultures (IL) Requirement

International Education and Involvement (Think Global)

International Education Programs (Education Abroad)

International Students

Advising (Directorate of International Student and Scholar Advising, DISSA)

Auditing a Course (Caution for International Students)

English for Professional Purposes Intercultural Center (EPPIC)

Online Course Limitation (International Student)

Petitions for Exceptions to Academic Policies and Procedures (Consultation)

Semester Credit-Load Requirement (International students)

Summer Sessions (Credit Load)

Withdrawal (International Students)


ISIS (Integrated Student Information System)

Advising Topics and Related ISIS Screens

ISIS Advising Codes by Category

Terminology (LionPATH Glossary)

iStudy for Success



Judicial Affairs (Office of Student Conduct)



Key University Offices



Laboratory Science Requirement

Language (World)

Admission Requirement

Course Placement

Courses, Scheduling

Proficiency Certification and Credit by Exam

Requirements in University Park Majors Listed by College

Substitution (Flexibility in General Education)

Tutoring Center

Late Course Add

Late Course Drop

Late Drop Checklist

Late Registration

Late-Starting Courses

Law (Pre-Law Advising)


Learning Disabilities, Services Available for Students

Leave of Absence

Leaving Penn State (Handbook Topics)

Level Change (Dropping Down in a Sequence of Courses)

LionPATH Launch Page

Advising Updates

Class Search (Search for Classes)

Faculty Senate Reports and Resources



Interaction with Starfish

Project Timeline


Transition to LionPATH from eLion

Literature Selections (College of Education)

LGBTA Student Resource Center



Major and Minor Program Codes

Major, Change of

Majors, Academic Entrance/Retention Requirements for

Majors, Administrative Enrollment Controls for

Majors, Learn About


Math Assessment, ALEKS

Math Center (Penn State Learning)

Mathematics, Course Placements

Mathematics (Scheduling General Education Quantification Courses)

Math/Science Learning Assistance

Maymester (Summer Sessions)

Medical Withdrawal

The Mentor: An Academic Advising Journal

Midsemester Evaluation Report (Early Progress Report)

Military, Credit for Educational Experiences

Military Leave of Absence

Military Re-enrollment

Military Withdrawal

Minor and Major Program Codes



Missed Classes

Morgan Academic Center (for Student-Athletes)

Multicultural Resource Center (MRC)

Multiple-Campus Registration

Multiple Majors (Concurrent Majors Program)



National Academic Advising Association (NACADA)

New Student Orientation (NSO)

No Grade (NG)

Noncredit World Language Proficiency Certification

Nondegree Student (Classification Of Undergraduate Students and Adviser Assignment)

Academic Standards

Dual-Enrolled High School

Enrichment Course Taker

Evaluation of Transfer Credits

Graduate Student

Late Drop Policy

Petition Submission


Notes, Advising

Documentation Guidelines



Offices/Services (Handbook Topics)

Online Learning Readiness Questionnaire

Online/Web Course Work

Orientation, New Student (NSO)

Other Cultures Courses (B.A. Degree Requirements)

Overload, Credit (Credit Load)

Overload, Credit (Schedule Adjustment)



Parents and Families

Part-Semester Courses

Part-Time Credit Load

Pass/Fail (Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory Grading System)

Paterno Fellows Program

Penn State Learning

Penn State Reads

Pennsylvania College of Technology

Petitions for Exceptions to Academic Policies and Procedures

Trauma Drop/Withdrawal Procedures

Physical Education: Credit by Participation in Varsity Sports

Physical Education: Credit for Basic Training in the Armed Services

Placements, Course (First-Year Writing, Math, Chemistry, and World Language)

Plagiarism (Academic Integrity)

Policies, Faculty Senate

Pools for Entrance to Major

Poor Scholarship (Academic Progress)

Portfolio Assessment, Credit by

Pre-Law Advising

Priority Registration

Procedures, University Academic Administrative

Proficiency Examination, (Credit by Examination)

Proficiency Certification, Foreign Language

Programs (Handbook Topics)

Program Year (and General Education Year)

Progress Report (Early Progress Report)

Project LionPATH

Faculty Senate Reports on Policy Changes, Implementation, and Resources

Proof of Student Status

Provisional Student, Degree-seeking (see DUS with Conditions)

Enrollment Policies

Petition Submission




Quantification Courses, Scheduling



R Symbol

Rank in Class/College

Readmission (Re-enrollment)

Recommendations and References


Recommended Academic Plans

Records, Confidentiality of Student


Exception for Students in DUS with Conditions and in Nondegree Status

Referrals (Academic Advising)

Registering (Handbook Topics)

Registrar's Office


Registration Information

Registration Cancellation

Registration Errors, Correcting

Registration Holds

Registration, Multiple-Campus

Registration Schedule and Deadlines (Academic Calendar)

Registration Status

Registration Timetable


Religious Holy Days, Calendar

Remedial Courses: English

Remedial Courses: Quantification

Renewal, Academic

Repeating Courses

Reporting and Assisting Resources (Office of Ethics and Compliance)

Research Credit

Research Opportunities for Undergraduates

Resident Instruction

Resolution of Student Classroom Problems

Responsibilities of the Adviser and the Advisee

Resumes and Cover Letters

Retention Requirements

Drops (Disenrollment) by Colleges

Entrance to and Changes in College/Major

Retroactive Procedures

Administrative Course Cancellation

Petitions for Exceptions to Academic Policies and Procedures




Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory Grading System (SA/UN)

Schedule Adjustment

Scheduling a Course That's Full (Enrolling in a Course That's Full)

Schedule of Courses

Schedule Planning

Schedule Planning (Student Resources)

Scheduling Beginning Chemistry Courses

Scheduling Errors

Scheduling First-Year Writing Courses

Scheduling 400-, 500-, and 800-Level Courses

Scheduling General Education Quantification Courses

Scheduling World Language Courses

Scholars Program


Schreyer Honors College

Science, Lab Courses

Science/Math Learning Assistance

Search for Classes (Class Search) (LionPATH)

Second/Foreign Language Admission Requirement

Secondary School Units (Carnegie Units)

Section Change, Schedule Adjustment

Security of Student Records

Semester Classification

Semester-by-Semester Planning Worksheet

Seminars, First-Year

Senate Office

Senate Policies

Sequential Majors Program

Sexual Harassment

Simultaneous Degrees (Concurrent Majors Program)

Sophomore Application to Major (Administrative Enrollment Controls for Majors)

Speaking Center, Undergraduate

Starfish Information Resource

Starfish (Log In)

Student Activities

Student Affairs Services

Student Aid (Financial Aid)

Student Care & Advocacy

Student Clubs/Organizations

Student Conduct (Office of)

Student Disability Resources

Student Orientation and Transition Programs (SOTP)

Student Records, Confidentiality

Study Abroad

Study Rooms, Group

Study Skills

Substitution of Courses (Exceptions to Degree Requirements)

Suffixes, Course

Summer Registration at Alternate Penn State Campuses

Summer Sessions

Summer Withdrawals

Supplemental Instruction (Guided Study Groups)

Suspension, Academic (Academic Progress)


Syllabus Checklist

Symbols, Grade Report and Transcript



Target Grade-Point Average: Method for Computing

Teacher Certification

Technology Services

Technology Services (Information Technology Services)

Test Courses (Test Interests and/or Abilities)

Testing Center (eTesting)

Tests, Placement (Mathematics and Chemistry)

Think Global

Three-Six-Nine Rule (Flexibility in General Education)

Time Conflict, Scheduling

Time Management

Time Tracker

Total Credits, Cumulative Credits

Transcript Symbols (Grade Report and)


Transfer Course Evaluation Guide

Transfer Credit (Credit by Transfer from Other Institutions)

Transfer to Another Penn State Campus (Change of Assignment)

Trauma Drop/Withdrawal, Petitions for Exceptions to Academic Policies and Procedures

Tuition Calculator (Student)




UN Symbol

Undergraduate/Graduate Degree Programs, Integrated

Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate Studies, Associate Deans

Undergraduate Transcript and Grade-Report Symbols

Understanding a Transcript and Academic Verification

United States Cultures (US) Requirement

Units, Carnegie

University Advising Council

University Calendar (Academic Calendar)

University Faculty Senate Office

University Fellowships Office

University Health Services

University Learning Centers (Penn State Learning)

University Office, Key

University Park, Academic Advising Centers

University Policies, Faculty Senate

University Procedures, Academic Administrative

Unofficial Transcript (Advising Transcript)

Unsatisfactory Scholarship (Academic Progress)



Validation, Credit by

Varsity Sport (Alternative for Earning Health and Physical Activity Credit)

Verification, Academic/Enrollment

Veterans, Credit for Educational Experiences

Veterans Programs

Priority Registration

Visiting a Course



Warning, Academic (Academic Progress)

Web/Online Course Work

What Can I Do With This Major?

Withdrawal from the University

Summer Sessions

Trauma Drop/Withdrawal Procedures

Women in the Sciences & Engineering (WISE) Institute

World Campus

World Language

Admission Requirement

Course Placement

Courses, Scheduling

Proficiency Certification and Credit by Exam

Requirements in University Park Majors Listed by College

Substitution (Flexibility in General Education)

Tutoring Center

Writing Across the Curriculum (W courses)

Writing Center (Penn State Learning)

Writing Courses, Scheduling First-Year

Wrongdoing (Office of Ethics and Compliance)



XF Symbol